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Software drives the modern enterprises. Genesis’ Enterprise Software Group specialises in 4 key areas:
Enterprise Search & Analytics
Mobile Fintech Solutions

Enterprise Search & Analytics

Many organisations are rapidly using Enterprise Search to stay competitive, receiving top priority for technology investment. Enterprise search gives persistent solicitation of answer through unstructured questions often from unstructured data sources that can exist either inside and outside of an enterprise such as the Internet.

Genesis Networks closely aligns our Big Data and Enterprise Search strategy using IBM Watson. Together we have delivered projects using the Watson solutions stack with artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and enhance the value of Enterprise Data; translating them into actionable business preposition.

IBM Watson provides valuable insights hidden in structured and unstructured data (including documents, emails, chats, call center transcripts, social media content, customer feedback and industry reports). It offers a natural and cumulative foundation for advanced natural language processing (NLP) to cognitive computing.

Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT)

IIoT is a network of devices connected via communications technologies to form systems that monitor, collect, exchange and analyze data, delivering valuable insights that enable industrial companies to make smarter business decisions faster.

Data is collected from equipment sensors and gateways, analysed and action taken based on set rules which can incorporate AI and ML. Solutions include Predictive Maintenance, Augmented Field Servicing and Virtual Reality Training.

Event Management and Access Control Solution

Genesis Access Control System (GACS) is used and deployed to manage visitors and contractors in many key installations including government buildings, telco exchanges, data centres, shipyards, manufacturing plants etc.

The modular solution is customisable to adapt to various site requirements including barcodes, RFID tags, facial recognition, location tracking, automated gate controls and self-registration kiosks.

Our proven track record includes many high key international facing events hosted by Singapore government; passing all security specifications and stringent verifications conducted by the authorities before actual deployment.

Mobile Fintech Solutions

Our Mobile Fintech team specializes in developing mobile application with standard features such as KYC (Know You Customer), micropayment and asset management. Many of these solutions are cloud base. Blockchain is used, in certain instances, to provide automation and transparency of transactions.

Industrial IOT
Event Management and Access Control Solution

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